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Our very 1st Newsletter!! All NEW items!!

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Eco Lifestyle

Some of my favorite tips 4 reducing consumption!

1.  Use natural light whenever possible - we all look much better in it anyway :).

2.  Hypermiling - slower acceleration from stopped positions and coasting to red lights reduces your gas consumption by 30 - 40% in the city!

3.  Do you turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth?!

Let us know your favorite tips. email: 

Just launched!!

Made In America!
Recycled metals!
Dear 4-rth Clients!!

We would like to welcome you to our FIRST newsletter and VIP access.  We hope to keep in touch, keeping you informed about our latest sustainable clothes & the choices we make toward achieving higher levels of sustainability as we grow! We'll also introduce new items & announce upcoming 4-rth events.  Thank you 4 making sustainable choices & 4 your support of a proactive, eco-friendly life style!

4-rth Eco Hi-Lites
       We are proud to announce that we are now using custom-made fabrics in our NEW line from the use of Modal & ProModal. From Beech wood, textiles made from Modal are resistant to shrinkage and fading due to its strength & dimensional stability. They are particularly smooth and soft, more so than mercerized cotton, to the point where mineral deposits from hard water do not stick to the fabric surface.
ProModal is a blend of Modal & Tencel -- from the Eucalyptus Tree.  These resources are very abundant, are farmed from sustainable forests, have a far higher yield of fabric per acre of land & overall have an eco-impact 1/20th that of cotton! In other words, Cotton should NOT be the "fabric of our lives."

      There are design & stitch details added to further enhance & distinguish the line. For example, the pockets now have a seam using Sage Green thread that will match the Green in the "4" logo. The shorts will have an additional pocket on the front, right-hand side. There will be absolute consistency across the entire line.  We have designed all NEW Men's Tees, Tanks, & Hoodies. Amazing fabrics, construction, sewing & stitch details abound. And remember, every part of the 4-rth line from the fabric to the zippers, are MADE here in Los Angeles!

   ProModal is used extensively in the women's line and also the new MENs Tee, Tank, & Hoodie. Check it all out on !!

p.s. NEW Men's Underwear line debuting NOW on exclusively!

p.s.s uber-cool SWIMWEAR coming NEXT month!!

Thank you for choosing 4 earth -- helping us reduce the apparel industry's impact: sadly the 2ND most toxic to the planet behind OIL.

doug donehoo  
"Doug, they have arrived, and are PERFECT! The stitching detail adds a subtle touch to them that I really like. The fit is exactly right, the feel is great, and the price is extremely reasonable. Great product!!! I'll write a testimonial anytime. Thanks!"
Greg Ginther
New Philadelphia, OH


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